The Quantum Technologies Fellowships are funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and will support both the individuals and their teams to help realise the country’s potential.

The Fellowships are aimed at Early and Established career stage academics whose research focuses on the direct exploitation of quantum phenomena, such as superposition or entanglement, to address the challenges of translation of quantum science through technology to eventual application.

The fellowships complement the other components of the national programme and EPSRC investments in Quantum Technology Hubs and Centres for Doctoral Training. The fellows will develop potentially transformative research in areas that contribute to the development of novel quantum technologies.

Established career

Early career

Dr Ashley Montanaro, University of Bristol: New insights in quantum algorithms and complexity

My research studies the power of quantum computing, and aims to discover what quantum computers can do, and what they cannot. Some particular aims of this Fellowship are to develop new quantum algorithms for problems such as testing global properties of massive data sets, and to apply quantum computational ideas to understand the complexity of fundamental problems in quantum physics.