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08 January 2019

Cambridge Quantum Computing working in partnership with NQIT in crucial UK Quantum Readiness Programme

NQIT in partnership with Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) are pleased to announce the launch of the UK Quantum Readiness Programme (QRP). The National QRP has been designed to provide UK corporations and organisations with the knowledge required to understand the opportunities presented by quantum computing and associated quantum technologies. The principal strategic aim of the programme is to build on UK expertise and continue the UK's global leadership in the quantum domain.  


14 December 2018

Industry workshop draws local businesses to campus

The UK Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors and Metrology started off the New Year by hosting an industry workshop on Thursday 10th January 2019, which attracted over 60 attendees. The workshop aimed to present opportunities to local businesses, which would inevitably deliver huge technical advantages in the increasingly competitive domestic and global markets. The workshop
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05 December 2018

QECDT student receives certificate at EPSRC Connected Nation Pioneers event for work on quantum key distribution

Alasdair Price, a student from the first cohort of the Quantum Engineering CDT, was one of four finalists in the Safe and Secure Cyber Security category for his work on integrating quantum key distribution with real-world communication networks, development of next-generation protocols, and advancing the state-of-the-art in chip-scale devices.

16 November 2018

QuantIC at the 2018 National Quantum Technologies Showcase

This year’s National Quantum Technologies Showcase in London was the best one yet with more attendees and exhibits and QuantIC was on hand with many demonstrators that were being exhibited for the first time to industry including the Hub’s Germanium on Silicon Single-Photon Avalanche Detector and Computational Photon Counting LiDAR system.

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12 November 2018

“Quantum in the Crowd” wins Runner Up at STEM Inspiration Awards

Earlier this month, QECDT students Alasdair Price and Henry Sememenko were invited to the House of Lords, where they were presented with the Runner Up prize for “Inspirational STEM Engagement Project” at the prestigious STEM Inspiration Awards.

08 November 2018

Oxford firm launches to develop quantum-era sensor technology

Oxford HighQ, a spinout from Oxford University, aims to revolutionise chemical and nanoparticle sensor technology with ‘quantum’ sensors up to 10,000 times more sensitive than current counterparts.

Oxford HighQ, a quantum technologies spinout from Oxford University, has launched with £2.1m in seed funding to commercialise components of quantum computing technology developed at the University, providing a step change in performance for chemical and nanoparticle sensing.

06 November 2018

Congratulations to QECDT Cohort 1!

Quantum Engineering CDT students begin to submit their theses and complete their vivas

06 November 2018

QIL 2019

Quantum Innovation Lab event in Bristol 7th-8th March 2019

30 October 2018

Budget 2018 Announcement on Quantum Technologies

The UK has made an ambitious commitment to build a quantum computer. This intention will put the UK at the forefront of delivering the next information revolution, by harnessing the power of this extraordinary new quantum-based technology to solve otherwise intractable problems with real-world benefits.

30 July 2018

National Quantum Technologies Programme examined by UK Parliament Committee

Professor Ian Walmsley, Professor Winfried Hensinger and Professor Kai Bongs gave oral and written evidence to the UK Parliament Science and Technology Committee on 17 July, along with other academics and representatives from the quantum technologies industry. The Committee’s focus is on the next phase of the National Quantum Technologies Programme, and what is needed to support the UK’s quantum industry going forward.