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10 August 2017

NQIT Researchers Win 3 Grants in Latest Innovate UK Awards

Three new collaborations involving NQIT researchers and new NQIT spin-out companies have won nearly £2m from Innovate UK as part of their latest round of funding for the commercialisation of quantum technologies. The three new projects will explore exciting new applications of quantum technologies: - “Nanoparticle and chemical sensors using optical microcavities” - “Q-DOS light: quantum key distribution for drones with optimal size, weight and power” - “Quantum enhanced sensing of trace compounds in sealed containers”

12 July 2017

Sussex physicists unveil pop-up lab at Spitalfields Market

Members of the public learnt about quantum physics yesterday as part of an innovative pop-up lab being run by the University of Sussex at Spitalfields Market, London.

The lab, which was in the capital just for a day, has been created to educate the public about a new quantum computer being developed by scientists at the university.

06 July 2017

NQIT Annual Report 2017 Published

We are pleased to announce our second Annual Report, marking the halfway point through NQIT’s five-year programme, and covering the progress made in our second year of the project, up to the beginning of 2017.

The first two years have seen the consortium focus its efforts towards refining the overall system architecture
and design to deliver the Q20:20 quantum computer demonstrator. We have made significant advances in
both system and engineering design, and identified the most effective components for assembling the system.

19 June 2017

NQIT at the Oxfordshire Science Festival

On Sunday 18th June, we had a stand at the Explorazone: Hands-On Weekend in Oxford Town Hall, part of this year's Oxfordshire Science Festival.

Around 1000 people came to the science fair, despite the sweltering heat, or perhaps as a respite from it, and the NQIT researchers who made up "Quantum Crew" engaged with around 100 visitors - families, groups of friends, tourists - who came round the science during the day.

13 June 2017

Breakthrough Three-Photon Interference

Breakthrough 3-photon interference achieved for the first time, another fundamental tool for bringing quantum computing into reality.

A research team at Oxford University working on quantum technologies that will sit at the heart of the world’s first scalable quantum computer, has made a major breakthrough in the field of quantum particle research.

22 May 2017

New NQIT Co-Director for User Engagement

We are very pleased to welcome Evert Geurtsen as our new Co-Director for User Engagement, following the retirement of Tim Cook earlier this year.

Evert Geurtsen joins NQIT from his role as Head of Licensing and Ventures for the Physical Sciences at Oxford University Innovation (OUI).

30 March 2017

New quantum device could make contactless payment transactions more secure

A prototype gadget that sends secret keys to encrypt information passed from a mobile device to a payment terminal, could help to answer public concerns around the security of contactless and wireless transactions, a new collaboration has found.

In partnership with Nokia and Bay Photonics, NQIT researchers at Oxford University Department of Physics have devised an innovative system for transmitting quantum keys that can d

06 March 2017

Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre

Last week, we were fortunate enough to have a visit from Andy Collins, the manager of the Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre (QTEC) in Bristol, who gave a short talk about this incubator programme that has been set up to help entrepreneurially minded scientists start up a company based on quantum or quantum inspired research.

He told us about the fellowship programme they run, which provides mentorship, training and support, with a view to building the infrastructure needed for the growth of quantum based in

03 February 2017

QuantERA Call for Proposals in Quantum Information

QuantERA Network is pleased to announce its first call for proposals in the field of Quantum Information and Communication Sciences & Technologies (Q-ICST).

Submitted proposals should explore collaborative advanced multidisciplinary science and/or cutting-edge engineering with the potential to initiate or foster new lines of quantum technologies and help Europe grasp leadership early on in promising future technology areas.

Funding: EUR 34 M

03 February 2017

New Blueprint for Large-Scale Quantum Computing

NQIT-supported researchers at the University of Sussex have just published their latest work: a practical blueprint for how to build a quantum computer.

This new blueprint is the work of an international team of scientists from the University of Sussex (UK), Google (USA), Aarhus University (Denmark), RIKEN (Japan) and Siegen University (Germany).