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The following funding opportunities may be of interest to members of the quantum technologies community:

Studentship opportunities

For information on studentship opportunities with the UK National Quantum Technology Hubs, please contact the hubs directly. 

Quantum Technology Hubs

Each of the four quantum technology hubs has flexible funding in the form of partnership resource which enables new projects to be funded in collaboration with Academia and Industry. Further details of how each hub is using their partnership resource can be found below and directly on their websites at the following pages:

Second Call for Proposals for the Quantum Technology Partnership Resource Fund (PRF)

The UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing are pleased to announce the second Call for Proposals for the Quantum Technology Partnership Resource Fund (PRF). This call intends to focus on proposals aimed at new collaborations with industry, in order to open up new pathways for academia to have impact with industry, in new sectors and on the strategic route to innovative quantum technology applications.

Further details of the call can be found on their website.

QuantIC’s Accelerated Development Fund to support quantum projects now open

QuantIC has announced, a new £2m funding call to support universities accelerate innovation in quantum imaging in alignment with industry priorities and societal needs.

The Accelerated Development Fund (ADF) comprises of a total budget of £2M will be spread over two calls and will be designed to bring new research ideas into QuantIC. These university led projects will address a demonstrable industrial or societal need and will feed the pipeline of technology to be translated into industrial applications and commercial opportunities.

The ADF awards should be a maximum of 24 months in length and each project will receive a maximum award of £250k (£200k at 80% of) full economic costing.

Since ADF projects are targeted to bring new ideas into QuantIC, projects should clearly demonstrate how they align with and further the Hub’s mission and how they integrate with yet, differentiate from our existing pipeline.

Leverage of additional funding and resources in the form of institutional support, industrial support etc. is not essential but it is encouraged and will be considered in the evaluation process.

Key Dates:

Call Opens: 06/04/20

Expression of Interest submission deadline: 24/05/20

Decision communicated to applicants: Mid-June

Workshop for successful EoIs: 13/07/20

Full Applications deadline: 01/09/20

Outcomes communicated to applicants: Mid-October

For details of alternative funding opportunities please see the websites of the national programme partners.

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